Britain’s Far-Right Deputy Leader In Court

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In my opinion, racism, sexism, bigotry, and intolerance are a state of mind, and the sooner people accept that we just might begin to changemuslim, woman, desert our negative attitude against each other.

No one is born a racist the bigotry that we display is something that we are taught either by our parents or the idiots in our communities, or our limited view of the world and the way that we perceive it to be.

According to a media report, ‘Britain First’ deputy leader is in court accused of religiously aggravated assault, failure to surrender to police bail, and wearing a political uniform. However, the ethical attack behavior that is unacceptable and the biggest problem with these individuals that believe that Britain should only have White and Christian people in the country.

The Britain First deputy decided that is was her right to accost a Muslim woman wearing her hijab, verbally abuse her in front of her four children. Telling her that the reason Muslim men want their wives cover-up is because they cannot control their urges, and not because they are afraid their women would be rape.

Irrespective, of what your beliefs are there were children present and to disregard that fact so that she could verbally abuse their mother, is disgusting, inhuman and demonstrate how ignorant these so-called far-right individuals are.

I believe people with these, so-called right-wing tendencies are ignorant, uneducated, idiotic and have no moral values.  The world is made up of different people, and that is what make it so enjoyable.  God forbid we had a world of White or Black only it would be boring.  The fact that we have different religious groups, people of different colour, sexuality, determine our humanity and how to respect and treat each other.