Ridiculous, Facebook Profile Cannot Determine Safe Driver

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Now I have heard it, seen it, and cannot believe the ridiculous claim that an insurance company that should know better is seeking to have first-time insurers do.Insurance concept

According to a media report, insurance company Admiral wants new drivers to give them permission to look at the individual Facebook profile page, to allegedly, provide them with a better understanding of the type of driver that person would be. – Baloney

There is no way in hell that your Facebook profile page can tell whether you are going to be a safe driver or a lousy one.  To bribe first-time drivers seeking insurance, to hand over their Facebook profile information, Admiral claims that those who opt into this ludicrous scheme could receive a discount of up to 15%. – Unbelievable

Why, would any company that should have integrity, dignity, and decency believe that an individual Facebook profile page can be criteria to determine an individual safe driving ability. – Bull they do not believe that 

Furthermore, I can agree with Renate Sampson, Chief Executive of Big Brother Watch, describing the scheme as terrifying.  In my opinion, it is not just terrifying, it is stupid, idiotic and will set a dangerous precedence.  It would also be a manner in which a company can get access to individual information that they are certainly not entitled to have, and have little to do with the kind of driver one is.

It is not rocket science; young drivers are more at risk of an accident than a person with many years driving experience. Therefore, insurance companies charge them a higher premium.  That as always being acceptable, so where do Admiral believe that gaining access to the Facebook profile will make first-time drivers gain any further driving experience.  – Ridiculous