Britain’s Hate Preacher Jailed for Five & Half Years

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There is those in the UK that is going to breathe a sigh of relief that one of the most notorious hate preacher have finally being taken out of Islam or Muslim Religionsociety and is now commencing a five and a half year prison sentence.

According to a media reports Anjem Choudary, a 49-year old lawyer turned radical cleric has been sent to prison for five and a half years, for inviting his followers to support Islamic terrorist.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this individual poses a danger to society and our way of life.  The fact that one of his lieutenants was also convicted alongside him and given the same sentence is a plus for our communities.

No one should curtail freedom of speech, but there is a line you should never cross and inciting others to undertake criminal activities is one such a line.

These individuals are impressionable young people, who look up to and believe in everything that comes out of their mouths.  No one knows how many young life they have influenced to join or support the Islamic radical group ISIS.

It would be too much to believe that their years behind bars will dull their archaic beliefs, in my opinion, they are going to use their incarceration to say that the UK is suppressing and preventing them from practising their religious beliefs, they will not mention the terror they spread among the innocent.