Bullying – Bullies Modern Day Human Monsters


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I am angry and frustrated that yet again another young life is gone because of bullying, and nothing can bring him back to his grieving bullyingfamily. 

The article in the media regarding a thirteen-year-old boy that hanged himself because he could no longer cope with being bullied at his school by other pupil and that leaves me somber. 

Bullying is a despicable, inhumane and the people who perpetrators this Act must be dealt with effectively irrespective of their ages for such deplorable behaviour. Their actions have left a family devasted and to think these monsters are still about and most likely will turn their attention to another vulnerable child very scary.

Although there are many outlets available to individuals that are bullied some kids do not take advantages of the resources. Some families are unaware that their children are the subject of bullying, and too often it is when something dramatic as a child committing suicide before the horror of what has happen come to light. 

Reading the note that this young boy left to his family bring tears to my eyes, how could anyone put another human being through such unnecessary trauma is unbelievable.  

The question is also what about the parents of the bullies what steps are they taking to ensure that their children do not bully others, and how do they feel knowing that a young life went because of the behaviour of their monsters.  I really would like to know.

I am a mother and bullying did not start suddenly, but when my children were in school they knew that they could not bully any other child, or themselves bullied I kept control of that throughout their school years, and that is why I cannot understand what steps parents of bullies are taking.