Zombie Knife Ban – About time

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A knife which is the nick-named zombie to be banned in England and Wales under new legislation that will come into force on Thursday 18 KnifeAugust 2016. The sale, manufacture, rental or importation will come under the law.

According to a media report, anyone caught with a zombie knife in their possession will face up to four years in prison.  This type of knife was used to murder an Islington teenager; the perpetrator of the crime convicted of manslaughter. Is now incarcerated.

It is about time these weapons are taken out of our communities. In fact, I would like to see all knife being banned unless they are to be used in the cooking industry.  Anyone who carry a knife with them irrespective of the type must be able to demonstrate to the authority that they have a valid reason to have this weapon on their person.

Our communities cannot afford to have any more kids losing their lives because of stabbing; enough is enough, and anything that society can do to ensure that knives are under strict control will be welcome by those who have had loved ones killed and the community as a whole. 

Therefore any legislation the prevent carry or purchasing of a knife is a definite step in the right direction. Unfortunately, this came a little too late for the people who were victims of knife crime. However, we must welcome this stance.