Businessman Chased and Beaten to Death- Disgusting


Christianity versus Same-Sex Marriage what will the impact on society be?

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It is unbelievable that human life means nothing to the thugs that are plaguing our communities, and society has an obligation to ensure Police officers opposite to Big Ben in London UK. Vintage retro style.that these anti-social individuals, taken out of our environment. 

The media report that a city, businessman chased and beaten to death by teenagers, is extremely upsetting.  According to the news, the man had an altercation with one of the young men in a fast-food outlet; he was followed, and the thugs preceded to beat him with a heavy metal chain.  The 31-year-old victim was found by a passing cyclist who tried to help him, but he was pronounced dead by paramedics.

This kind of anti-social behaviour is repulsive, people’s life does not mean anything to these thugs, they have no respect for the sanctity of human lives, and there is no way that we should allow them to exist within the same environment. 

Here we have a young man with everything to live for has his life taken because of a silly argument with individuals who do not know how to resolve conflict unless it is with violent confrontation.  I hope that all four of these sorry excuses for human beings are caught, and once they are prosecuted, found guilty of murder, they will be locked away for the rest of their miserable, unproductive life. 

In my opinion, society needs to treat these teenagers very harshly; they cannot be allowed to be beating, stabbing people to death and end up with an idiotic prison term, they need to go away for life, and it should mean life, they should never be allowed back into our community.  If an individual kills another human being and it was not in defence of their life, the judicial system must ensure the punishment fits the crime.

How many more parents have to go through these senseless killing of their children before we say enough is enough.  I am sick and tired of these, yobs and thugs just taking people life like is does not matter, how much more can society tolerate?