Jeremy Corbyn Elected Labour Leader Again

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Once again Jeremy Corbyn as been overwhelmingly elected leader of the Labour party defeating Owen Smith by 119, 980 votes, Mr Owen gotpolitics, sign, party 193,229, Mr Corbyn 313,209.

If anyone has any doubts about Jeremy Corbyn leading the Labour Party, this as now been eliminated and those in the party that questioned his leadership should now get behind the man and support him so that he can provide an effect opposition to the Conservative government.

The democratic process in the UK allow our politician to compete against each other for the leadership of the party, but what should never happen is whoever wins the support of the people, the other should give that person their support.  

Owen Smith is a part of the Labour party and irrespective, that Jeremy may have defeated him, as Labour party supporter he must put aside any differences he has with the leader of the party and support, not just the head of the party but the Labour party.

In my opinion. There must be some substance to Jeremy Corbyn, when he was first elected, in September 2015 he got 59.5% of the votes, this time, he increased this to 61.8%.  It leads, me to believe that the electorate is more than contented with him as the leader.  I hope that this will settle the party, bring together the unity require and allow the party to focus on the issues that are crippling country.