Capitalism – Is never about equality

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If anyone believes that capitalism was about people and equality they would be wrong, capitalism is about making the rich richer and the Capitalismpoor poorer.

According to the media report, Theresa May new policy appointee believes that people working in a new company should have no employment rights, which could include maternity pay and paid vacation.

That would contradict the PM statement that her government will be helping working people rather than those that are the privilege.  If that is the case why would you appoint an individual to create policies that affect the majority of individuals, one with, in my opinion, has an archaic ideology?  If he were to put in place, a system which compromises employment rights which would it affect most, certainly not the rich.  

In my opinion, no political party that supports the framework of capitalism stands for the interests of the majority and today’s politician may fool themselves into believing they care about the electorate, but just look at the policies they have and who it hurts then most.  They pretend the interest of the people is paramount, but their action demonstrates bad attitudes.

I personally, do not trust politicians, I believe they bend the truth when it suits them, and power is the only thing that matters.  They do so for at least four years, and when a general election is looming, they throw a few bones to the electorate, hoping this will make them forget the harsh four years that they when through, and is designed to get their party elected so that they can start the process all over.