Germany – Are they feeling vulnerable?

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Europe ImmigrationGermany, in my opinion, is in mourning following four terrible incidents that occur over the last few days, leaving eleven people dead and score injury.

Bavaria – 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker attack twenty people on a passengers train with a knife and axe three people were seriously hurt, the attacker was shot and kill by police.

Munich –  18-year-old Iranian-German kills ten people in shopping centre shooting, then commit suicide.  According to the news the perpetrator suffered from bullying, depression yet none of the people he killed had anything to do with his condition.

Reutlingen – 21-year-old Syrian refugees using a machete murder a pregnant woman and injuring another two individuals.

Ansbach – 27-year-old Syrian failed asylum seeker blew himself up at a German music festival, and 12 people were hurt.  

These terror attacks must leave the German people concerned about the number of asylum seekers that are arriving in their country.  These incident are deplorable and call into question Europe immigration policy.

The fact that one of the individuals involved in this terror activity was suffering from some problems does not exempt him from perpetrating carnage on innocent people.   

Although the incidents occur in Germany, it has an impact on the rest of Europe. Citizens in other countries must be wondering it they will be next it also confirm the fears that another nation has about immigration.  

The perpetrators of all these atrocities are relatively young people the oldest was twenty-seven.  I cannot understand what level of depravity would cause people so young to want to hurt anyone.

In my opinion, these individuals may have been suffering from a serious medical problem, or they were brainwashed, into causing this mayhem against individuals who did them no wrong.  I can only imagine how vulnerable the German people must feel in this terrible time and hope that no more of this kind of incident occur in the foreseeable future.