Conservative MP weeps on hearing story of child hunger – Really

If child hunger were not such a severe problem in the UK, I would be laughing my head off when I read this story. Conservative MP was weeping on hearing a story of child hunger.

Apparently, during a Commons debate on Universal credit, a Tory MP was left in tears when the Member of Parliament for Birkenhead, Merseyside relayed the story of a family with a hungry, crying child, that was invited to a funeral to finish off leftovers.

The so-called ‘weeping’ MP stated she did not know where to start after hearing the horror story, further added that no government is perfect, no welfare system is excellent. Of course, we know that, but her party is the one that is creating the hunger and poverty among the most vulnerable in our country.

Nothing stays the same and changes are inevitable, but a government should have an obligation to make changes that are beneficial to the vast majority of the electorate. The changes in the benefits systems should make it easier, user-friendly, not tricky and leaves hundreds and thousands of people destitute, so they can save money to give away to their already wealthy friends.

Her tears do not mean jack to me are the thousands of hungry people that are going to suffer, especially during the festive season, because of the unnecessary changes in the welfare systems. In my opinion, her tears are not genuine they are designed to make it appear that this patchwork government cares, well I am a cynic, and being cynical I do not believe she was, weeping because of a hungry, crying child.