A woman who falsely accused a detective of rape jailed

I am livid and furious, and I imagine anyone who read the article will no doubt feel the same way.

Rape is a disgusting thing that anyone who was ever a victim of will no doubt confirms. So it is deplorable when any female use rape, falsely especially against a police officer makes it even more despicable.

According to a media report, a 40-year-old woman has been, jailed for over two years for making false allegations of rape against a detective she never met. I do not believe that two years and three months is adequate punishment for someone who knowingly tells lies on an individual, in fact, ruined a family.

It must have been traumatic for the officer being at home with his wife and children only to have his colleague visit him to quiz him about an alleged rape. The fact that he had his colleagues questioning and looking at him like a monster is enough to give anyone anxiety and depression.

I don’t think these people realise that false accusation of rape impact on a genuine rape victim, who has to work twice as hard to prove their case. This stupid lying woman causes so much heartache and pain to someone who has never done her any wrong.

It would be naive to think that police officer do not commit crimes. When they do, and they are, caught they should be, punished to the full extent of the law, having sworn to protect and serve, so breaking that oath, they let themselves down, bring shame and disgrace on their community.

However, this police officer is innocent and had his life turned upside down because of a lying, stupid and idiotic woman. Nothing can change the fact that the detective life was, practically ruined, but I hope that knowing she is in prison will be some consolation for the trauma she put him through.