Monica Lewinsky leaves interview when interviewer asked ‘off the limit’ question

There is no doubt we sometimes find interviewers exciting and, if they are good at their job then they can make a person they are interviewing reveal pertinent information about themselves or others.

However, there is a line that some interviewer cross which most people find distasteful. According to a media report, Monica Lewinsky stormed out of an Israeli interview when she was, asked a question about her affair with former US President Bill Clinton.

It came to light that Miss Lewinsky specifically stated that certain aspects of her life were ‘off limit’ she was not going to answer any question about that episode in her life. But that did not stop the interviewer from asking, and she reacted in a manner which I applauded, she got up and walked out of the interview.

My admiration and respect for Monica when up ten-fold. Irrespective of what she may have gone through and the scandal that dogged her life she showed class and dignity when she exits that interview.

In my opinion, the interviewer when beyond the scope of decency knowing that part of the woman’s life was not up for debate. She was in Jerusalem to talk about the danger on social media. The interviewer was not interested in her views or opinions on that subject all she wanted was information about the Bill Clinton saga.

Storming out of the interview demonstrate to the interviewer that not all interviewees will put up with the crappy manner in which some television interviewer behaves.