Criminal Activities Is Not Predominantly ‘Black’

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We are now in 2017, and it is the time that the police stop treating Black people as if they are the only race on the planet that commits a Police officers opposite to Big Ben in London UK. Vintage retro style.crime, this community is sick of this incorrect profile.

According to a media report, a Black Deejay driving a Bentley was pulled over by a Metropolitan, police officer.  Once the Deejay proved that the car was legal and he had every right to be driving it the police tell him that most Black people stopped in the area are criminal, it was not racist, is was a fact.  The police officer further added that if a car of Black men is seen wearing so-called gangsta style clothing they must be criminals

Who the hell are these cops, what century do they live in and what make them believe that crimes are a Black only phenomenon. Such a load of bull.

The vast majority of terrorist are not Black; the Mafia is certainly not Black, paedophiles are not predominantly from the Black community, and there are other lists of criminal activities such as how often does a Black individual arm themselves with a gun and go murders unsuspecting civilians.

Every section of our communities commits a crime.  The Black community does not pretend that we do not have some unsavoury criminal elements within our environment, but we take exceptions to the fact that we are being profiled, as the only race that commits a crime and having idiot tell us that it is a fact.

It is important that the Metropolitan police service re-educates the police officers they are sending out to protect the street of our Capital.  They are too many incidences of racism occurring with these uneducated cops, and it needs to be adequately addressed by the Standards Committee.