Russian Spies Have Compromising Information About Trump

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According to media reports during the US 2016 presidential eLection, Russian spies gather compromising sexual and financial The White Houseinformation about the candidates but chose to leak the ones concerning Hilary Clinton and hold on to those that affect Donal Trump. – So what is new.

These people are going on as if the president-elect is some innocent lamb that has been, led to the slaughter and he has no skeletons in his cupboard.  The American people knew exactly, who and what Donald Trump is, and they choose to give him the keys to the most powerful office on the planet, we call that democracy.

If the media report, is to be taken seriously anyone would think that Russsian so-called spies commit some grave injustice against the man – what a load of bull.  If Russia has damming information of a financial and sexual nature about Donald Trump, it does not mean jack to him, anyone who disrespect so many different, people, such as Blacks, Muslims and women why would he care about the so-called information that Russia has on him.

The only thing, in my opinion, that this proves, if it is true is that the American people have an individual in the White House that should never have been, given, the opportunity to become President and makes America the laughing stock of the rest of the world.  However, democracy is the cornerstone of a civilised society, and the American people have the right to choose their leader even if he his an idiot.