Criminals Targeting Children As ‘Money Mules’

My Opinion

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This is the latest low in which criminals have sunk and one cannot get much lower than this. According to a media report, the Met Police have been writing to parents to warn them that their children are being approached outside school gates and on social media to use their bank accounts to transfer criminal money.

Apparently, criminals are dangling money in front of these young people that will allow them to use the kids accounts for illegal activities.

Parents with young people who have bank accounts need to be vigilant, one cannot bury their head in the sand and pretend that these people are not out there trying to corrupt your child or children. They have tried and sometimes succeed in using adults to do their dirty work and now they are targeting our children.

This issue cannot be left up to the police alone parents have a responsibility to ensure that their children are not taking in by these criminals. We may not be able to prevent our children from the use of technology and in particular social media but what we must do is monitor their activities.

Contrary to popular believe parent have a responsibility for their children until they reach the age of 18 or if they are emancipated.  Therefore, although our children have access to mobile telephone and social media it is our duty to ensure that criminals are not able to use the technology we provide to our children to tempt them into committing fraudulent acts.

Money, in my opinion, as the saying goes is the root of all evil and temptation strong, so when a criminal dangle,  for example, £100 to a 13 year-old with a bank account the chances he or she will want to use their account fraudulently.  We must ensure our children are aware that using your account in a fraudulent manner carries a maximum14-year prison sentence.

The onus is now on us as the parent to make sure we know at all times what our children are doing with the bank accounts we open for them and do not let these modern day criminals get away with corrupting our children.