Princess Diana, Let Her Continue To Rest In Peace

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On Thursday 31 August 2017, will mark twenty years since the United Kingdom lost one of the most popular Royal there was and in my opinion will ever be.  Princess Diana was one of the best-loved of the Royal family and not just in the UK but all around the world.

The world when in shocked and was extremely distraught when she was killed in a supposedly motor vehicle accident in a French Tunnel, and even now the mystery surrounding the death of this popular Princess is still in some corners controversial.

According to a media report friends of the Princess are pleading with Channel 4 not to broadcast video tape of the princess talking about her marriage.  I cannot understand why anyone at Channel 4 would believe that it is appropriate for them to show these video tapes on the anniversary of her death.  Bear in mind that she has two sons alive, why do they have to be subjected to information that their mother did not believe was meant for the public domain.

Have we lost our humanity and decency that we believe that although an individual has passed we have a right to betray their privacy?  I for one will not be watching the broadcast and I hope if Channel four does air the video tapes that the vast majority of people will boycott the programme. It really annoys me that these programmers believe that they have a right to violate the right of others, even if they are dead.

There is no doubt in my mind and I imagine most decent people will feel that this is a clear exploitation of an individual that can no longer stand up for herself or have the ability to say no and Channel 4 Should be ashamed of themselves if they really aired those video tapes.

I really do not think we want to create any new portrait of Diana, we are happy to remember her for the kind of decent human being she was and still mourn the loss of a great person.  Although her time on this Earth was short her accomplishment will be remembered for a generation to come and we should never do anything to taint or tarnished those memories.