Disabled woman sexually assaulted by carer


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How disgusting, evil and vile can a human being behave. One could say, is evil knows no bounds; this man should never be allowed into any community again.

It has been reported, in the media that a 59-year old carer raped a severely disabled woman. First dressing her up in a wig, dog collar and provocative clothing them film the sickening and horrifying attack on a defenceless woman.

The report suggested that it was his wife who found the evidence of his criminal act and alerted the police, triggering the arrest.

He was, sentenced to 18-years in prison, admitting three counts of rape and two charges of sexual assault. He will have to sign the sex offender register for the rest of his perverted life.

In my opinion, the credit must be, given to his wife. She could have covered up his sicken behaviour. Instead, she took the right steps to ensure that he never treat another person in such a depraved manner and providing justice for a woman who could not defend herself.

I wish a lot more women would step up to the plate when they realise their husbands, boyfriends or even children are a menace to society. Maybe the world would be a better place.