Government to introduce tough penalties for reckless drivers

Too often people lost their lives are end up with severe injuries due to reckless drivers. They sometimes only get away with a slap on the wrist, that is about to change.

The government, according to a media report, will be introducing stricter penalties for reckless drivers, apparently, backed by public consultation. There are suggestions that under the plans anyone convicted of causing death by careless driving, dangerous driving or while under the influence of alcohol or drugs could face life in prison.They have also created a new offence, causing severe injury because of careless driving.

In my opinion, the vast majority of the electorate will back the government for taking this bold move in ensuring that reckless drivers are, punished. Those caught using mobile phones while driving that results in severe injury or death. They will no longer be able to escape the law, and the devastated families will, at last, get justice.