Do not use”Black Lives Matter”for Anti-social behaviour

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Black lives matter a slogan born out of the protest that took place in the US and the UK.  The motto that represents how a section of the community feel about the number of black people that were killed by police officer.

I am furious,  that during the hostility at Hyde Park, where three people were stabbed including a cop. The media report that individuals were chanting that ‘black lives matter.’  What did black lives matter had to do with the apparent anti-social behaviour of an unruly crowd of individual who did not want to leave the scene when told to do so.

This was not about targeting black people, and this was a behaviour of young people of all race colour creed undertaking, apparently, an impromptu’ water fight’ that got out of hand and decided to act in an unbecoming manner.

In my opinion, those words were used entirely out of context, and it demeans the phrase, turned it into something ugly.  I cannot believe that individuals think that it is alright to act in an inhumane way and justify their actions by pretending it is something of a racist nature.  There are as much racist and racism; it does not help to attribute racism where it clearly does not appear. 

I believe those individuals should be ashamed of themselves and ought to know that the community will not support them in their idiotic behaviour.