Jeremy Corbyn holding secret talks with EU – Really

Well, if the media is to be, believe Jeremy Corbyn Labour Leader is having secret talks with the European Union.

According to the media report, the EU believes that the Labour leader could become PM very soon and is holding secret talks in respect of Brexit. The European Union apparently, met with Jeremy Corbyn and Labour Brexit Secretary.

If the Labour leader is now being, taken as a worthy challenge to the Prime Minister it gives the PM a golden opportunity to stop Brexit negotiations and hold a second referendum, which will clarify once and for all that the British people seriously want to leave the European Union, or they want to remain.

Since the referendum, there has become a darkening cloud over the UK about leaving the EU. The uncertainty is causing the economy to plummet, the pound struggling. Given these circumstances any Prime Minister worth their salt would say, hold up this process need clarification.

But, as usual, the Conservatives are pig-headed. The PM had a terrible week at the Tory conference, her speech marred with incessant coughing, letters falling off the board behind her and a prankster shoving is p45 at her. To top it all off the party Chairman is claiming that 30 MP’s want her to step down.

In my opinion, the PM only saving grace is to cease Brexit negotiation, hold a second referendum and let the country tell the government what they need, there is too, much insecurity, an unanswered question to continue with Brexit.