Does Social Media Influence Your Christian Beliefs?

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One would be incredibly blind to think that social media do not play an essential part in our Christian beliefs.

If we look at one of the most prominent social media, Facebook, we have many Christian groups which have established to promote Christianity and the teaching of God. However, there are also groups who do not believe in God referred to as an Atheist who is promoting their brand of non-religious attitudes.

The majority of Christian groups are seeking an answer to what Christianity is all about and why it is essential to serve the living God. Social media is playing a pivotal part in the way that we worship, our beliefs, Christian values, what we believe is right, and how God expects us to obey his words.

I believe that the Churches as failed the congregation so much so that they are no longer in a position to effectively promote the Christian faith and many are turning to social media for their Christian message, debate and interaction with other like-minded people.

In my opinion, Social Media has been a tremendous influence on our religious beliefs and will be the platform that spreads the Gospel to the four corners of the earth. Even though there may be those who wish to debunk Christianity and tell people that there is no God, there is so much evidence to prove that God exists and that message will be, promoted through Social media.

If we look at the religious debates that are being, undertaken because of social media and that is because there are so many religious groups on Social media. These groups are taking on the debate that should have been done by the Churches — especially where society is deliberately going against the teachings of the Bible and the will of God.

Social media gives us a forum to debate our Christian beliefs, to recognise other religious groups. It allows us to understand through practical debates our differences in respect of how we worship and serve God. It does not tell us which religion is the true one that is something we have to figure out using the scriptures, but it acts as a guideline to help us understand our faith.

So yes, Social media plays a pivotal part in our Christian or Religious beliefs, and it inevitably influences the opinions of many.