Donald Trump should get his facts right before opening his big mouth


The National Health Service (NHS) is not only a flagship, but it is the best achievement that Ernest Bevin put in place to ensure that regarding healthcare everyone was treated irrespective of their bank balance.

For your information Mr Trump we do not want your idiotic healthcare system which punishes those who are unable to purchase health insurance. Deal with the 28million Americans that have no healthcare cover, and stay out of the UK healthcare business.

The march was about more funding for the NHS. The Conservative government, in my opinion, has always wanted to destroy the NHS so that they can sell it off and end up with a non-workable US-style healthcare system where wealthy individuals profit from other people illness.

It would be a decent and humane act, Mr Trump if you were to create a system where healthcare is available to all US citizens. But of course, you would not because you spend your time trying to repeal ‘Obamacare’, a federal law brought in by your predecessor to improve healthcare for the poorest in society.

Most of us understand what you are trying to do with this latest swipe at the UK Health service. Taking a swipe at our NHS and the controversy you know it will generate is one way to temporary deflect the American people from concentrating on the way in which you are destroying their country.

On behalf of the UK citizens and in particular those who march to highlight the fact that the Tories are trying to destroy our NHS, keep your idiotic thoughts to yourself. We are decent human beings believing that Healthcare is a right, not a privilege and therefore accessible to all.