30 year old trainee priest caught and exposed by paedophile hunters

Guardians of the North, a paedophile hunting group as exposed a 30-year old trainee priest that arranged to meet a 14-year old boy for sex.

According to a media article, when he was caught the trainee priest uttered the words ‘, dear God’. Why would he use such a term, an individual that is studying to become a priest should know better than to go online and arrange to meet anyone for sex.

Notably, a child, not only did he engage in conversation but told the individual, he thought was a 14-year old boy not to shower because he likes sweaty teen lads.

Apparently, he has been jailed for a year after he pleads guilty to arranging to meet a child after sexual grooming.

In my opinion, this learner priest is a disgrace to the church. One’s sexuality is their right, communication between two consenting adults is not a problem for society.

However, if you are communicating online, once you established that you are dealing with a child to continue the conversation and then make arrangement to meet him demonstrate that he his indeed a paedophile and he should have been sent to prison for more than a year.