Don’t Allow Misrepresentations Of God’s Word To Blind you

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Don’t Allow Misrepresentations O God’s Word To Blind you. God has given us specific instructions for following his rules and how we will one day inherit His kingdom.

The Devil, the master of lies, misinformation, distortions and falsehood, has allowed his minions to distort the word of God and is leading millions of God people down the wrong part.

Let us explore some of the Devil’s lies and how he distorts the facts to suit his narrative.

1. Christmas day, Our Saviour was not born on the 25 of December; that is a pagan holiday. 2. The Crucifixion of Jesus did not take place in March or April, as is represented by Easter. This was a concoction by the Romans, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Let us explore why Sunday worship is against God’s teaching, and that Saturday is the sabbath day as instructed by God. The Crucifixion of Christ took place on a Wednesday because the Bible Matthew 28:1 At the end of the sabbath, as it dawned toward the first day of the week, came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the tomb.

The first day of the week is Sunday; if Christ was ordained to stay in the belly of the earth as Jonah remained in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights, there is no way that you can get three days and three nights from Friday to Sunday, it is mathematically impossible. To get three days and three nights, this would be Wednesday to Thursday, Thursday to Friday and Friday to Saturday. That was why Jesus was not there when both Marys went to the

Children of God must be able to peel away all the disinformation we are given by, especially the Catholic Church use the word of God, the Bible, to help us clear away the mist from our eyes and see God’s truth.

All of God’s instructions to humanity are documented in the Bible. We need to not just read the Bible but be able to interpret the teaching of God to stop the lies that the Devil and his minions are promoting. The Devil’s only motive is to distort and corrupt the teaching of God so that he can destroy as many of God’s children as possible.

The first thing we, as followers of God, must understand is that God created good and evil. But to follow his teachings, he instructed us not to follow the path of evil. There can be no way that we cannot understand the rules as laid down by the Ten Commandments and all the other biblical regulations that God gave to humanity.

Christians, the Devil is on the warpath with the soldiers of God. It will not get any better, and it will get worse because the prophecies of God must be fulfilled. We have to anchor our souls to God. No matter how many lies the Devil perpetrated on us, we shall stand steadfast holding steady to the teachings of God so that when the time comes, and God call us to account, we will be able to say, Lord, I stood the test in your name, and I am ready for eternal life.