There is a ghost behind the boy in the tree

Human beings throughout the centuries have reported the sightings of ghosts. Some experience hauntings where there is no logical explanation. However, there are those who still doubt the existence of ghosts, spirit, spectre or demons.

According to a media article, a 39-year old woman and her family picnicking in Plessey Woods, Country Park, Northumberland on a bank holiday, had an experience that changes their way of thinking.

Her children decided to climb a tree, and she took pictures of the children up in the tree. When she looked at the image she saw the face of another child behind her son; it was not his sister or cousin that were in the tree with him.

In my opinion, and someone who had an encounter with a ghost, do not write this off as the people being paranoid. Until you come up close and personal with the unexplained, you are not in a position to judge others or believe they are a wack job.

Having an encounter with a ghost can be very frightening. It changes your life forever, and you stop looking at the world through rose-tinted windows.

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