Electorate Power, But No Common sense

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The electorate, especially in Britain is one of the most powerful there is but they lack common sense when it comes to choosing a Election, conceptgovernment that will govern their lives for 5 years, and in terms of the Conservative party they will make the life of voters hell for those five years.

Everyone can remember when Theresa May took over the reign of Prime Minister from David Cameron she was asked if she would call an early election and she stated categorically that she would not be putting the British people through another election, it was unnecessary and she would continue until 2020, so why this u-turn.

Currently, she is having a honeymoon period with the electorate and with the Labour party in such disarray, she realises that the country is right for plucking and hence her decision to call an early election.

Should the country be fool enough to give Theresa May a huge majority in Parliament, they will live to regret that decision and by the time they realise their mistake it will be too late and they will have to wait and suffer for another five more unnecessary years before they can do anything about the bad decisions, in my opinion, she will make.

In my opinion, the Conservative party seems to always want to oppress the poor in order to ensure the rich get richer, they will do everything they can to divide the country, they attack the NHS because it was a Labour idea that sees a service for all irrespective of whether you are rich or poor.

People are no longer voting for what is right they are voting out of fear because of the stupidity that they hear from politicians, they do not understand that Britain cannot and will never be able to go it alone, history proves that time and time again.  The days of the British stiff upper lips is over and done we live in a global community we rely on each other for trade, immigration, finance.  Britain is no longer a manufacturing country so we rely on other countries to supply our demands.

It is a shame that the electorate is going to put this country in jeopardy, should they decide to give Theresa May the mandate she require, I pray to God that he will make the electorate of this country wake up and smell the roses and recognise that we are at the point where there are two roads before us and one leads to a better life for all and the other lead to destruction, please take the right road.