Is The Labour Party On Its Way To Political Asylum

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Are You Worthy Of Receiving God’s Promise of Blessings

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Irrespective of what anyone may believe political parties are popular or unpopular and in most cases is determined by its leaders and the electorate will rally around a leader that they either respect or admire.

In the 1990’s we saw how the country rallied around Tony Blair and almost send the Conservative party into political oblivion, and that is exactly what the Conservatives are doing to the Labour party at the moment.  This is obvious from the recent local election results and they, in my opinion, are on their way to winning the general election.

The electorate rightly or wrongly prefers Theresa May over Jeremy Corbin and that is why the voters in traditional labour area are flocking to the Conservative party like bees to honey. Elections are no longer fought on principles and manifesto they are fought on personality and right now the vast majority of the country believes that Theresa May is a charismatic leader offers them a united and so-called strong UK, which in my opinion is pulling the wool over the eyes of the electorate.

There are only a few people that will no doubt be aware that this so-called positive attribute that Theresa May is portraying is only a smoke screen.  People tend to forget that the UK is only one nation in the EU and they are never going to allow Theresa May to get her own way irrespective of what she may say to the British people, the EU is going to eat her and spit her out and when that happens the UK and its citizen will regret the day that they gave her the mandate to do any kind of negotiations with this country.

The memory of the electorate is quite limited, we remember that Tony Blair was one time poster boy of the political world until it was believed he blindly followed the Americans into war, irrespective that the UK parliament voted for him to do so, and that act along with Gordon Brown’s stupidity has now made the labour party unelectable.

Be warned this will eventually happen to the Conservative party when we leave the EU and the harsh reality of the bad decision that we make comebacks to bite us in the backside, then too late will be our cry.

God help us to overcome the trauma that his heading our way and I hope he will give us the strength to cope when our country starts to fall apart.