Embracing God’s Redemption Over Hatred And Darkness

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Mighty God, I praise Your holy name, for allowing us to embrace redemption over hatred and darkness.

I now ask that You help all of us to confess any sin or wrongdoing, so that we may resume fellowship with you our Father. You have promised us that if we confess our sins, You are always faithful to forgive us and cleanse us. I pray that day by day we may be washed with Your words so that we become more and more like who You need us to be, walk in the footsteps and heed the teachings of Jesus our saviour.

Heavenly Father, I thank You that we who trust in Your holy name have redemption through the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord and, the forgiveness from our sins following the riches of Your grace.

Eternal God, in the darkness of the night, and the darkness of our broken world, the light of Jesus Christ shines to give us courage and hope. Light up our hearts as we praise You and our minds as we hear Your word.

Lord, we know that hatred is much stronger than just a dislike of things. We see the difference that hatred can breathe. Mighty God the Devil is using hate to strangle Your people. It is keeping us from the freedom we need to love each other.

Hatred draws us into dark thoughts, and it keeps us from moving forward. It’s a dark and desperate tool that the Devil uses. Everlasting God, help us to let the light back in. Help us come to an understanding and acceptance that this hatred isn’t worth the weight it has placed on our shoulders and that we are our brother’s keeper. You are the creator of us all, and therefore as your children, we are one in you You and You in us.