EU Nations let down lone child migrants

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A  report published in the media suggest that thousand of lone child refugees are living in squalid conditions having been let down by the Hungry children refugee camp,European Union, including the UK.

It alleges that member states in the EU are failing to honour their obligations to receive lone child migrants and protect these kids.  For example, the French channel port camps are unsuitable for those children.  There is reluctance on the part of authorities to believe unaccompanied refugees stories, especially in the UK.  Further added that the burden sharing amongst UK local authorities are unequal with some caring for as many as 412 lone migrants, and other have none. 

There is recognition that the refugee crisis is a humanitarian challenge facing the European Union, but member countries are not shouldering their responsibilities effectively.

In my opinion, there is no way in which we can comprehend the severe trauma that these children have witnessed, losing their families the struggle to come to terms with what happen to them and then to be subjected to another inhumane manner, to live in poor conditions unbelievable.  

In war-torn countries, children are sometimes the biggest casualty of the war.  They are displaced, living in appalling conditions, which should not be tolerated by any decent human beings and after all of that for authorities to treat them like their lives does not matter I cannot even begin to comprehend.

I am grateful that I am privileged not be running from any civil war, and I am living in a country where we are relatively safe.  Because of that, we have to extend our compassion to lone refugee children. 

There is no doubt that the current high profile migrant killing has left many believing we should not have these people among us, but bear in mind these are children we cannot judge them harshly because of a few idiotic individuals.