Canadian police dog fires gun accidentally

Close-up of Australian Shepherd in front of grey background

Well, adults fire guns, children and toddlers are also firing guns so why not animals even if it is accidental.

Apparently, a Canadian police dog while tracking two suspects found a gun and accidentally fires it. It has been, suggested that the dog and is handler were called to the scene of a street fight in a food shop car park, in Alberta, when the incident occurred.

The media states that despite being shocked the police dog was not injured and the cops confirmed there were no civilians in the vicinity at the time of the incident.

Dogs all over the world are trained to help police force fight crimes. Every indication suggests these dogs are essential and useful assets that the police service as in their arsenal of crime-solving tools.

Therefore, I am pleased that this dog was not hurt and no one else was injured in this accident, hopeful that the animal is not, traumatised following his encounter with the gun.