Explosion at Parsons Green Station

The media reported that the London Mayor has spoken out over the explosion at Parson’s Green Station.

According to the media report, the Mayor branded the people responsible for the bast as hideous, and the city condemns their attempts to use terror to harm. He also added London has proven we will never be intimidated or be defeated by terrorism.

Emergency services were, called at 8.20am, the police, fire brigade and ambulance turn up at the scene following the explosion.

People on the scene reported seeing a fireball and wall of flames, within two hours the police states they were treating it as a terrorist incident.

St Mary’s hospital Paddington said they were declaring a major incident, 18 people were, taken to the hospital there was no report of fatality.

In my opinion, panic and mayhem are precisely what these terrorists want. They must be very disappointed that no one was, killed, I agree with the Mayor they will never defeat us, we will continue to track them down and put them whey they belong, in prison.

Terrorist actions are those of cowards; they cannot verbally discuss the issues they claim are their concerns, so they harm and cause mayhem from a distance.