Cat scratched prevented man getting erection

According to a media report, a 23-year old man that was scratched by a cat found he was unable to have an erection.

The case was reported in the British Medical Journal, revealing how the unknown patient from Belguim was, infected with a rare disease from the cat scratch.

He suffers from various symptoms, including erectile dysfunction and pain in his testicles, after telling medic that he was, scratched by a cat, he was, given antibiotics.

Further reports state that the man was successfully treated and in three weeks the symptoms vanished and, he has fully regained erectile functions.

Unbelievable, but cats carry a hensela bacteria know has Bartonella that can be passed to human by bites or scratches if saliva gets into open wounds.

A warning to cat lovers, be careful not to get bitten by your pet, or the consequences could be painful.