Far-right group rally cancelled due to lack of support

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Political protest - one red figure against many blue figures

Far-right group ‘English Defence League’ planned rally was called off when only two people turned up.

A media report, suggests that the group planned march was, supposed to be held, in Chelmsford was, abandoned when the protesters against fascism out-numbered the far-right group.

In my opinion, right-wing fascist groups have no place in a modern society their divisive and hatred causes too many problems.

We have seen what fascism has done with Nazi Germany, and we do not want to go back down that road again.

I imagine the members of the English Defence League, had family members who fought and defeat Adolf Hilter and his fascism. Those ancestors would be turning over in their graves if they could see the destructive path their relatives have taken.

The fact that they had to call off the march should be an indication that well-adjusted people do not buy into their fascism and therefore, they have lost the battle and should now disband their counterproductive, uncultured hate group.

The people of Chelmsford has spoken, they do not want you in their community, got the message.