Former President Barack Obama’s Response to Charlottesville

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According to a media report, former President Barack Obama, made three tweets in response to the Charlottesville incident one of which is the most liked tweet in the history of Twitter.

In one of the tweet, he apparently borrowed a quote used by the late Nelson Mandela which states“people must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, then they can be taught to love”. The former President comments is a major difference to the response of the current President.

It demonstrates a major difference in the character of these individuals, in my opinion, shows that Barack Obama had dignity, integrity, compounded with the ability to know when and how to deal with volatile situations.

In contrast, we see demonstrators at Trump Tower, chanting that ‘Trump is not America’. The level of disdain that the people have for their President is unbelievable. But, if you are going to hold the highest office in the land one must ensure that their mouth and brain work in unison.

The problem the US President has, in my opinion, is that he does not think before he speaks. When one is elected to lead a nation such as the United States then one should have the ability to be able to lead with dignity, to make good judgments in how to unite the country, irrespective of what problem arises, unfortunately, the current President lacks the ability to do so. However, they knew what his character was before they elected him.