How much more cruelty and destruction can the human race take?

The stories that are appearing in the media is leaving some people, in my opinion, believing that our environment is in the grip of pure evil.

In the last few days and hours, the headlines below appeared in our newspapers and online media.

1. A three-month-old baby boy died because his mother chose to leave in strapped in his pram under heavy blankets for 12 hours while she smokes her drugs.

2. A paedophile’s crimes were so horrific that the Judge had to walk out of the courtroom. Having watched a two-year-old being repeatedly sexually assaulted and, the rapist recording himself over 30 times committing crimes against children. The graphic nature of the video would not leave only the Judge sickened, but once you see those images, one cannot block them from your mind.

3, Ryanair passenger racially abusing an elderly black woman. He was, filmed hurling racist comments at this elderly lady, will the airline do something constructive about their idiotic passenger, maybe not.

4. 36-year old man jailed for 18 years for inflicting three years of domestic violence against his wife. It took his 6-year-old daughter reporting to her teacher that her daddy was hurting her mother for the authority to step in. There is no doubt when you read the article it left one with the knowledge that if that child did not do something her mother would most probably be, killed by the person who should love and keep her safe.

5. A grandmother stabbed a toddler and baked her in an oven. What level of depravity someone has to sink to for them to kill a 20-month old child and stuff her in an oven.

In my opinion, all the stories outlined here is a demonstration of the evil among our community. Unless we seriously change our behaviour our planet is on the path of destruction.

The human race has become very selfish and evil. It would appear we have lost our moral compass. Right and wrong are no longer clear, and the blur lines make us lost our humanity and the capability of protecting our children.