Fraudulent insurance claim woman jailed for two years

My Opinion

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If ever there is any doubt that ‘money’ is the root of all evil one just has to read about the number of people who as being convicted of fraud following the Grenfell Tower fire disaster.

Once again another person, according to the media has been jailed for two years due to fraudulent insurance claims. A 51-year old woman claimed that her daughter was seriously injured in the Manchester Arena terrorist attack which happens May 22 last year. She apparently over a seven-year period claimed £139,000 in fraudulent claims, however, her greed became the final nail in the coffin when she made the fraudulent insurance claim for a daughter that she did not have.

She worked as an insurance broker and use her knowledge to make the fraudulent claims, but it was discovered that not only did she not have a daughter, but she uses friends and relatives to swindle insurance companies out of £139,000.

I will never understand why anyone believes that greed for money is better than maintaining their dignity, integrity and reputation. Not only has she lost her job she’s going to prison and if the media report is correct despite the amount of money she swindled she is still in debt. She ruined her life and reputation for £139,000.