14 Million people living in poverty in the UK

This does not come as a surprise to those of us who are living under this ineffective government. Various organisations have been telling the government the level of poverty that exists, somehow they do not believe it is happening.

According to a media article, a study by the Social Metrics Commission found the following in the UK, 4.5 million children, 8.4 million working-age adults, and 1.4 million pensioners are living below the breadline, not to put a fine point on the information we are seriously living in poverty.

The suggestion that 12.1% of the UK population live in persistent poverty is a travesty and demonstrates the ineffective social and welfare policies of this Conservative government.

In my opinion, since the government restructure the social and welfare benefits systems they have put more people into poverty, although they allege that the restructuring would benefit the claimants making it easier instead not only does it take the benefit away from the needy it penalizes especially disable people. The P.I.P assessments are farcical, it pushes genuine claimants into poverty by taking away their benefit for trivial reasons, leaving vulnerable people to fend for themselves without any government assistance. It is one of the most inhumane assessments that this government has inflicted upon disabled people.

It is disgraceful that in a G7 country the government cannot prevent the level of poverty amongst its citizen and yet those who do not require the country’ vast resources are getting it. The electorate in the UK is treated as if they reside in a Third world country having to depend on food banks to feed their families sliding into debt they will never be able to come out of and we have a Prime Minister spending millions to take us out of the European Union.