Gang Members Committing Violent Acts To Gain Status

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Gang members committing violent acts to gain status, I have never read anything so ridiculous and I doubt that most intelligent people would have come into contact with such idiotic display of stupidity.

According to a media report, a 17-year-old young man is in hospital in a vegetative state after suffering multiple stab wounds to the chest and leg outside a McDonald’s in October of last year.

The kicker for me is the reason for this young man being stabbed.  Once again according to the media report, these stabbings are been perpetrated in order that gang members can raise their status within the ranks of the gang. So in this rival bid to gain notoriety these stupid, idiotic, and unintelligent poor excuse for human beings are going around stabbing others multiple times.

I am furious and appalled at this trend especially when a Doctor that is treating the victims has stated that ‘ there was a time when one would be seeing stab wounds in the lower region of the body, which was aimed to cause humiliation injuries’.  However, the injuries that the victims are sustaining are aimed to kill.

Knife crimes have been the scourge of the local community for years now and I do not believe the government is taken the problem seriously.  Their lackadaisical and lacklustre approach to this plague is rather disturbing.  I personally believe that if this knife attack was primarily on White youths then they would have done something constructive about these criminal activities.

However, the fact that the majority of young people dying and being maimed by knife crimes are Black the establishment does not see any urgency in effectively tackling this antisocial behaviour.

How much more have to die before this government put in place legislation to deter individuals from carrying knives.  Knife crimes should be straightforward and effective, you carry a knife without a good reason, such as being a chef, you go to prison for 20 years.  Using a knife to kill or injury anyone you go to prison for life, that is simply and will be effective and ensure that those with the propensity to carry knife think about the consequences.