General Election Results – Poor Theresa May

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Oh, my God Theresa May you did not get the mandate that you believe that you would have achieved by calling the general election.  This is what happen when politicians believe that they can continuously blind side the general public.

There is no doubt that the Conservative gained a lot more seat than any other party, in particular, the Labour party, but what is patently clear from the voting pattern is that the electorate, especially the young first-time voters have overwhelming voted for the Labour party which is a blow to the Conservative.

Theresa May took a gamble because the poll told her that she was 24 points ahead of the Labour party and she believed that calling a general election now would see her party put the Labour party in the wilderness and she would have a vast majority in the parliament, how wrong she was.

I was one of the people who said that Theresa May did not have a mandate to lead us out of the European Union so I cannot say that she was wrong to call the election in order to get her own mandate, but what she got was a hung parliament and now have to do deals with a small party in order to govern and no party want to be in that position.  It is unfair that a party with 10 seats in the house of parliament should have the ability to dictate how this country is governed, but here we are again the conservatives aligning with the DUP in order to govern.

How can we now begin to negotiate the UK leaving the European Union when the country has not given any of the two major parties a majority mandate to take the UK out of the Union.  It is foolhardy to think that politician knows what the electorate wants and need and this election have demonstrated that pollsters can guess but they cannot ever guarantee what will happen when we enter the polling booth.

To be fair to Theresa May she called the general election in order to strengthen her hands in the Brexit talks, but it has backfired disastrously on her and she should now bow out graceful and let someone else get on with the so-called job of negotiating the UK out of the European Union. She started in a strong position and would have remained there had she not called a general election, which has left her weak and non-effective, in my opinion.