Should Prime Minister Theresa May Resign?

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The big question since Thursday 8th June 2017 election results and given the disastrous outcome for the Conservative government is whether the Prime Minister should resign.

Let us cast our minds on why we were thrown into another general election after only two years.  Following the Brexit results in which the UK voted by a narrow majority to leave the European Union, the then Prime Minister David Cameron resigned and Theresa May won the election as her party leader and assume the role as Prime Minister.

The Conservative party after the 2010 election had to form a coalition with Liberal Democrats in order to govern the country as the Conservative did not win enough seats by themselves.  However, after the  2015 general election, the Conservative party did win their majority and did not have to rely on any other party to govern.

When Mrs May took over from David Cameron the Conservative party had a majority in the parliament which was won in 2015 election from the coalition that was established with the Liberal Democrats when there was a hung parliament after the 2010 general election.

Having now tasked with negotiating the UK leaving the European Union Mrs May found herself in a difficult position because the electorate began to doubt that leaving the EU would be beneficial for the UK and believe that the mandate to leave the EU was given to David Cameron and not Theresa May.  Mrs May believe that her high popularity in the country and given the assume poll lead she and her party was experiencing, she felt to strengthen her position she needs the country’s mandate, hence the general election. 

Today, Mrs May realise that after Thursdays’ result she had made an error in judgement and not only did she not get the mandate she wishes but she now is presiding over an hung parliament and to top it off she saw the Labour party got much stronger than they were after 2015 election.  

So, we are back to the question of whether Mrs May should resign, and there cannot be any other answer but categorically yes.  She has gambled and lost and to try to govern with the so-called aide of the DUP will not only be bad for the country but she will be the laughing stock of the European Union.

It is my opinion, that the Conservative and Mrs May in particular steps down and call of the Brexit negotiations and let fresh individuals begin to do something politically to regain the political strength of the country and if necessary let’s have another referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU and if necessary yet another general election to determine who should really be in charge of the country.

The level of uncertainty cannot be in the best interest of the country and if Mrs May believes in the United Kingdom and its citizen she would not put the electorate through this roller coaster ride which was created by her and her warped ideas. 

Therefore, in the interest of democracy, decency, integrity and the people of this country Mrs May must resign immediately before she does irrevocable damage to an already fragile society.