How do you battle an unseen adversary with the power to create chaos

The Devil is a powerful being, and for us to ignore this fact, we do so at our peril. He is the unseen that can create havoc, mayhem and chaos in our lives.

We need to understand that Satan sole purpose on God’s Earth is to take and destroy as many souls that he can. Because he knows the essence of your soul is where God lives and every time he successfully killed a soul a little piece of God cries out.

Knowing this God allowed his son to shed his blood on the cross so that we can be redeemed and have the power to destroy Satan and his army of evildoers.

We destroy the dark evil of the Devil by our unwavering faith in God. In the knowledge that God shall never leave, abandon, forsake, not answer our prayers. He his the living God who has made us in his image and so long as we keep trusting and believing in his awesome power the Devil will never steal our souls, joys, passion for God, bounty, or severed our connection with God.

The scriptures warned us against the Devil and all the evil that he is capable of undertaking, and we must learn that the adversary worked overtime to destroy God’s people, but we have a weapon more powerful than him we are privileged to have the creator on our side.

Mighty God, I call upon your holy name and come before you in the knowledge that I have defeated the adversary in your precious name, and no thoughts of evil can enter my being or spread its negativeness within me.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for your mercies for giving me the chance to accept you as my Lord and master and protecting my family and me from the obstacles the Devil lay in our path. I give you the glory and put myself and all my Earthly problems in your capable hands, knowing that you have already resolved any issues and have opened many doors for me, in Jesus name Amen.