53 wraps of cocaine found in woman private parts

Unbelievable, what some people will do to either use or peddler drugs. The thought that anyone could put that amount of cocaine and heroin into their vagina is sickening.

The media reported that a 31-year old Glaswegian woman was caught in London’s West End with 78 wraps of cocaine and heroin. Following a strip search, 53 wraps of the drugs were found in her vagina.

Drugs, especial cocaine and heroin have been responsible for many deaths amongst young people turned thousand in addicts and the best excuse she could come up with is that the 78 wraps found on her were for personal use. Then in order to justify her criminal behaviour, she blamed her father who happens to die from drug overdose, for the position she is in with hardcore drugs.

My father, according to her, took me to the places where I could acquire these drugs so do not blame me for my usage, he made me into what I am. What a load of bull. I hope they lock her up and throw away the keys, especially when through investigation, it emerged that she has been convicted three times in Scotland for dealing class A, B, and C drugs.

In my opinion, there is no justification for anyone to deal with especially that kind of drugs when you know that your own father passed away because of an overdose. To continue dealing drugs means that you are after the financial rewards that can be obtained peddling hardcore drugs.