Humiliating Strip-Search Metropolitan Police Apologise

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One of the biggest problems we have as a society is the fact that we believe that we have the right to treat another human being in a Police officers opposite to Big Ben in London UK. Vintage retro style.disrespectful and humiliating way.

Protocols are put in place so that individuals or organizations can work efficiently within those guidelines to ensure the treatment of people are equally and justly.  However, this breakdown when sections of the community, especially the police that think they do not have to obey the rules.

According to a media report, after a five-year battle, the Metropolitan Police formally apologize to a female who was, forcibly strip-searched. Apparently, a black woman was found outside a Notting Hill Club, dazed confused and disorientated her drink had been, spiked. The police instead of getting her medical help, she was strip-searched and humiliated because they assume she had taken drugs and had drugs on her person.

The incident triggers a tribunal to award the woman £37, 000 in damages, and that was an indication of how badly the Met officers treated the victim.  It is no secret that Black people, especially young Blacks are treated with contempt if they are stopped or arrested.  There is a presumption, by the police that Blacks are guilty, until prove innocent when everyone else is innocent until proven guilty.

The attitude of the Metropolitan Police must change if they hope to have a productive working relationship with the Black community.  It would, however, be unfair to believe that all Met Police officer are the same.  They are not, but in my opinion; the good ones are few and far between, there are more racist, bigot in the Met than those who are not, a system of institutional racism.

The incident is a classic example of the manner in which minority is treated, not just in the UK.  It is the time that this stop we do not need our communities to flare up because justice is not seen to be happening.

I believe that this public apology to this lady will go a long way to demonstrate that changes are going on in the Met, and they will act on a complaint and where it is necessary to compensate or apologize for the mistakes made by their officers.  I also hope that these incidents can be resolved quickly as five years is too long for someone to wait for justice.