Brexit: High Court Rules MPs Must Vote

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A light of hope at the end of the dark Brexit tunnel, sterling skyrocketed the minute the High Court rules that Theresa May cannot trigger Government conceptArticle 50 to leave the EU without a parliamentary vote.

According to a media report, the reason the pound skyrockets upon the high court decision is the public, and international money market is making it clear that they believe the UK is better in the single market and part of Europe.

The British consumers realise that since the Brexit vote, 23 June, Sterling slumped to a thirty year low against the dollar.

Although we do not yet know how the government is going to deal with the High Court decision, what his clear is that the ruling has given consumers some hope to the people who think we are much better off in the EU than outside.

Brexit has such a devastating impact on the British residents.  We saw the pound collapse, holidays more expensive, the soaring petrol price, job risk and food bill about to rise.  The decision to leave the EU has not only affect businesses, but it also impact on the lives of the most vulnerable of society, mainly single and low-income families.  

The High Court decision is more than welcome, and I hope that the vote in Parliament will be not to trigger Article 50 and the UK can remain in the European Union, where we will be much better off.