Hypocritical to Criticize George Osbourne policies

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Theresa May was part of the same government as George Osbourne; I did not hear any criticism from her on Osbourne’s policy or the deal heRegret wrong doing brokers with China on the Hinkley Point Nuclear plant.

It is hypocritical of her to distance herself from George Osbourne economic legacy, now that she is PM.  Does she believes that we are going to, forget that she was part and parcel of the same government in which Mr. Osbourne was creating his economic policy? 

What ‘proper industrial strategy’ she thinks she can establish. Politicians have a way of promising what they are well aware they cannot accomplish.  There is no way in this century that any political party is going put policies in place that will be fair especially to the majority of the electorate.  

I have always believed that power corrupts and right now it is the face of British politics. If the Prime Minister wish to make the country fair and equal, then she would have to abolish the bedroom tax, reevaluate the minimum wage, create millions of jobs and although this could achieve it is not going to happen.

Politicians need to have a plan that they can use to bribe the electorate and equality would defeat the object; they need to be able to offer an olive branch to voters just before and election for them to be elected.

I am within my right not to trust politicians, and that is what I am.  If, and when the day arrive when politicians can be honest then maybe I will one day begin to have faith in them again.