Income Rules – Not About Families, It’s About Money

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The Supreme Court upheld the Government rules that a British Citizen must be earning £18,000 before he or she can bring their foreign scales of justicespouse to the United Kingdom.  

Apparently, the judges reject the appeals from the families who believe that the rules trampled on their human right for a family life.

It is very important to note, in my opinion, that these decisions do not take into account the human sufferings that are being caused when families have split up, especially the toll it has on children.  This is purely a monetary decision and they do not care who gets hurt in the process as long as the establishment protects their money.

The UK is predicated on money, you can kill someone and mostly likely go to prison for a couple of years, but you dear to steal money, that has no feeling and it you are not careful they will lock you up and throw away the keys, that is how much this establishment believe in their almighty pound.

It is extremely heart rendering to know that in this the 21st-century people still put money over others, especially the family.  I do not believe that establishment learned the lesson that irrespective of how much money you have we are destined to die and we cannot take the money with us.

There is one certainty in life and that is death irrespective of who and what you are, death does not respect rich or poor, haves or haves not.

We should be spending our time on this planet enriching the life of the majority of people not putting obstacles in their way to prevent them from living a productive and happy life.

Of course, there are those who will continuously buck the system but do we penalised the majority for the actions of the few, of course not.  I know this is not an ideal world but we could make it so if we put more emphasis on people rather than possessions.

I hope when these judges go home to their families especially their children, I hope they will realise that they made a very bad decision and when they look at their family they would ask themselves the question what is more important their family or money?