What Is Wrong With Donald Trump?

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This latest 90-day travel ban fiasco that Donald Trump signed banning people from Somalia, Iran, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen is disgraceful, idiotic and demonstrate what an imbecile this man is.

It is amazing that the aides around this man cannot inform him that he his the laughing stock of the free world and nothing more than, in my opinion, a baboon, with not one complete ounce of common sense.

The fact that six US states, namely Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts and Hawaii are launching challenges against this person as once again demonstrate that the American people are not about to allow this kind of draconian behaviour from no-one and especially a so-called President that should know better.

A leader should have the ability to protect its citizen effectively without having to resort to isolating millions of law abiding people, whether they are Muslims, Blacks are Jews. World war two is a painful reminder of what happens when idiots believe they have a right to destroy anyone they deem unfit and the six million Jews that paid that price would be appalled that this 21st century we still have leaders with Hitler’s ideologies.

There are no doubts that we face terrorism, and if we are to believe the media, then some sections of the Muslim community are to be blamed for that stigma, however, we cannot and should not be isolating millions of people because of a few fanatics.  This is like saying every Black commits a crime or every White person is a paedophile, every Indian commits an honour killing.  

Society cannot and should not categorise communities in that manner and it’s become even more heinous when it the so-called President of one of the biggest democracy on the planet.

Of course, we are not naive, we are fully aware that there are some individuals that would like to destroy our democratic way of life and the measure they take are sometimes vicious, brutal and inhuman, but if we allow ourselves to be dragged down to their level then we are no better and we would have completely lost the moral high ground.

Countries around the world have security services and we asked those individuals to keep us safe and that means they can track and neutralise threats that are designed to harm and cause mayhem.  Sometimes the terrorist gets through, but that is no reason to destroy our humanity or our morals and that is what Donald Trumps consistently tries to do ever since he became the President, his action is not about demonstrating to the world that we are better than the terrorist, but in fact we are both the same and that I find repulsive.