Man Stabbed To Death By A Gang Of Eight – Lunatics

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Here we go again, and again and this time I cannot believe that anyone with an ounce of common sense cannot see that knife crimes in the EvilUK are getting to epidemic proportion.

According to a media report, on Sunday around 7.30 a 31-year-old East London man was ambushed by about a gang of eight men, he was stabbed multiple times and severely beaten, he died from his injuries.

The media reported further states that a witness who saw the attack alleges that eight men pulled up in two cars chased the victim and stabbed and beat him then the perpetrators stole the victim shoes as he laid bleeding to death.

I am passed shock or amazed that human beings can be so callous and vindictive.  Why would eight men do something so heinous to another person, what kind of evil possesses these individuals that they have no regard for the sanctity of life?

There is no arrest, currently been made by the police, but I hope that these sorry excuse for humans will be, quickly identified and apprehended, we cannot have these thugs running around in our communities.

In my opinion, I believe these individuals should be, sent to prison for life on convictions of their criminal acts.  I cannot stress it anymore we need these people out of society and the sooner, the better.