So what if Margaret Thatcher had refuse to fly with a panda

Margaret Thatcher a force

These days it seems that not even the dear departed can rest in peace, not if the media have any say.

Britain first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher passed away on the 8th April 2013, at the age of 87. But she was such a formidable force that not even death can keep her name out of the media.

According to a media article, newly released government files reveal that Mrs Thatcher was no friend of panda bears. So when the Smithsonian asked the London zoo to lend them a male panda to mate with a female panda given to the USA by China, naturally the head of the zoo was elated.

Downing Street was, contacted in the hope that the Prime Minister would carry the panda aboard her Concorde flight to the US, but she was having none of that.

Apparently, she told the head of London zoo that ‘Pandas and politicians are not happy omens’. Further, adding that he knew more about panda and can arrange those things.

I am flabbergasted to know that the media thinks this is such an earth-shattering revelation that the world needs to know about it.

However, the article was, featured in the ‘weird news’ section, so maybe it is only aimed at individuals who find weird news happenings interesting, we cannot scold Mrs Thatcher for ignoring the cute panda, she his dead.