Mass vehicle vandalisation in the Clapham North area – London UK

At 12, o’clock on Sunday the 24th June 2018, the residents of Cottage Grove, London, United Kingdom woke to find that their motor vehicle had been, damaged, some excessively.

A White man who has been, described as between 40 to 50 year old was, observed committing the crime, although the eyewitness was uncertain at the time what he was witnessing, the full horror of what he saw came to light when the residents found the damage to their cars.

The Perpetrator decided that it was appropriate to use a key and scratch lines over more than¬†20 cars and to use said key he wrote the word ‘wannka on a couple of vehicles.

Why would anyone especially someone of that age would find it amusing to destroy the property of people he does not know, who to my knowledge has never had any problems with the individual? He has caused about ¬£20,000 or more in motor vehicle damage because no one wants to drive around with so much damage to their vehicle much more with the word ‘wannka’ written on their cars.

I am trying to understand the level of evil that would allow a so-called human being to do such a nasty and vicious thing to people who have never done anything to them. What kind of individual deemed it necessary to inflict such financial stress on people who are already barely surviving financially.

In my opinion, the person who did this evil act to us is nothing more than a low life and is not fit to be in our community. We will do all that we can to ensure the police catch this person because if he gets away with this criminal act, he will continue to destroy other people’s property out of what I can only assume is jealousy.